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Steve Zim is known as “the” fitness trainer to the stars. A trainer, author, fitness expert and owner of one of the most successful personal training gyms in the country, his methods and concepts for training have given him national recognition and acclaim. Steve is known as a fitness expert not only to Los Angeles locals, but also to a national audience. For the past 20 years he has personally trained Hollywood actors, Olympic and professional athletes as well as thousands of other satisfied clients. Steve has an extensive background with multiple certifications in both health and fitness as well as a bachelor’s degree in Languages and Sciences from Boston College.


His love for fitness and continued interest in maximizing your workout led him to study the human body and how the muscles work more closely. By studying the body in motion through advanced MRI technology, Steve discovered that the average person uses only 20 to 40 percent of their muscle when exercising. This discovery allowed Steve to perfect his workouts and combine them with proper nutritional guidelines and cardiovascular activity to help his clients maximize their time and effort in the gym getting them faster and better results. In 1988, Steve opened A Tighter U, Los Angeles' hottest gym, according to LA Magazine. Steve’s reputation for delivering results created a multitude of satisfied clients and the demand for more. He has written three best-selling books, Hot Point Fitness6 Weeks to a Hollywood Body and The 30-minute Celebrity Makeover Miracle. In addition to still running a successful gym and consulting top level clients, Steve is also NBC’s National Weekend Today Show on-air fitness expert. Steve is highly regarded as the celebrity fitness expert and is often quoted in such leading magazines as Muscle and FitnessGlamourMen's FitnessSelf and Cosmopolitan. He is also regularly featured on top rated TV shows including ExtraEntertainment TonightVH-1, as well as all three major broadcasting stations. Listed as one of the '201 top L.A. activities', Steve has been repeatedly endorsed by popular publications such as SelfMarie ClaireElle and the national television show Good Morning America. Some of his clients include Hollywood celebrities, Ashley Judd and Jessica Biel.


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